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NRP Coronavirus Update:

We are still open and seeing patients 5 days/week.

We continue to divide our days with well child check ups in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon.

I'd like to again request grandparents do not accompany families into the clinic if that is an option.

We're adjusting to all patients checking in via phone when arriving to the parking lot. This reduces contact with the waiting room altogether. You'll be flagged to come in and go directly to a room when a room is available.

We're doing our best to triage sick visits to coordinate sicker visits later in the day so that minor injuries or ailments that are low risk are earlier to again reduce exposure while in the clinic. Please be honest with your child's symptoms to keep our staff safe.

Starting Monday, we'll have telehealth as an option for visits that telehealth can be utilized, e.g. mental health visits, rashes, reassurance regarding sound of cough or breathing patterns, etc.

We have been informed that there will be a drive thru clinic at the fairgrounds, only available with a doctors order, to test 100 patients/week. This is for the ENTIRE county. 100 patients/week. 

Here are my thoughts:

I'd like to test everyone. That'd be great so we really know what we're dealing with. However, this is not realistic right now.

When rationing testing, as a community we need to test those that are quite ill, have co-morbitities and/or are at risk for complications or death. 

It would appear children, especially those under the age of 14 years old do really well with COVID-19. I do not have data on asthma nor other comorbities. In general, I anticipate kids who wheeze will wheeze with coronavirus, but it sounds like they pull through without harm.

The weight of risk assessment and utilization of resources is heavy and we are working hard to meet the needs of our community. Please be patient. Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have. We're here.

Dr. Beth

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